Highlights of Saxo in the press

The Australian: FX, CFD reforms to transform the online trading industry

April 2018

Ben Smoker thinks regulatory change in the retail foreign exchange and contract-for-difference industry will ultimately be good for clients and the industry.

“I think it will be transformative for the industry, particularly in the leveraged product space,” the chief executive of Saxo Capital Markets Australia told The Australian. “It will have a huge impact on some business models but it will be good for the industry.”

FXWeek: AWARDS Best prime-of-prime house: Saxo Bank

November 2017

"I would say one of the big themes over the past 12 months has been a normalisation of FXPB," says Lucian Lauerman, global head of electronic distribution at Saxo Bank, which has been voted Best Prime-of-Prime House at the 2017 FX Week Best Banks Awards. "We have seen a return in client appetite from a few FXPBs and a few entrants in the FXPB space. And, importantly, three- and four-way agreements are becoming more straightforward again," Lauerman says

BankingTechnology: Slow growth, new regulation and digitisation – driving innovation in the banking sector

November 2017

Chris Truce, Saxo’s head of fintech, examines how banks can transform the industry’s three mega-trends into opportunities and become more competitive.

FinanceFeeds: OpenAPI in banking – Why now?

September 2017

Saxo Bank senior executive Benny Johansen goes into great detail on open trading platforms. "Until recently we have not seen the same need for open collaborative systems and standards in the area of financial trading interfaces", he says

E-Forex: Saxo Markets – Taking with an FX pacesetter

September 2017

Neil Browning, Saxo’s Global Head of FX Sales, has given a cover interview to e-Forex magazine, where he speaks about our retail and institutional offerings and elaborates on Saxo’s plans for the future. “One of our key strengths is that we are a truly multi-asset financial markets facilitator with one IT stack across all asset classes”, he says.

Waters Technology: Saxo Bank CEO Kim Fournais: The Technology Artist

July 2017

Kim Fournais, our CEO & Founder, was interviewed about Saxo’s history as a fintech company, the mission to democratize access to financial markets and the future for Saxo and the industry. “Ultimately”, he says, “ the idea was to create and make available an infrastructure that would enable every person on the planet to trade and invest in global financial markets”. For Fournais, this is a topical issue, as in many parts of the world, access to markets is limited to a small number of people because banks still refuse to remove financial barriers to the masses.

Banking Technology: Digital banking the new big brother

June 2017

Amid the hustle and bustle of MoneyConf in Madrid, Banking Technology managed to grab a coffee with Matteo Cassina, global head of sales at Saxo Bank. Conversation turned from the demise of bank branches to the rise of artificial intelligence and open banking.

Sell-side-technology: A Product of Participation: Saxo Makes the Case for Interbank Collaboration

March 2017

Collaboration is not a simple answer to the challenge of driving longterm revenues, however, it is a sustainable and cost effective one.
Many senior executives may feel daunted by the extent of the task; however advances in technology, notably APIs have made this process far more efficient than it was previously. At Saxo, we believe that financial services organizations that embrace collaboration will succeed, those which do not will dwindle and be left behind.

Nikkei Asian Review: Asia's 'open banking' opportunity

March 2017

Few aspects of the financial industry are immune to the potential impacts of technology, and incumbent financial service providers in Asia are facing a fundamental choice. Adam Reynolds, CEO Saxo Capital Markets APAC, looks at open banking and the ways technology can help banks in Asia collaborate in new ways with third parties to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

finews.asia: Adam Reynolds:"Our Partners Can Focus on User Experience"

March 2017

Adam Reynolds, CEO Asia Pacific of Saxo Capital Markets, discusses Saxo's fintech DNA and continued growth path in the Pacific region: "The rise of fintech is definitely enhancing our presence in Asia as we have been able to collaborate with a large number of the new entrants into the market."

The Economist: The second wave of fintech

February 2017

Jennifer Hansen, Saxo Bank's Head of Institutional Business, discusses the second wave of fintech, which is focused on greater collaboration between financial institutions and fintech startups: "In the past, fintech was a threat that would upset the existing players. Now there is a more sophisticated understanding that traditional financial organisations have massive regulatory expertise, significant capital and relationships."

Finextra: If it was easy everyone would do it but collaboration is hard, that's what makes it great!

February 2017

Saxo's Director of OpenAPI Development, Chris Truce, blogs on the growing collaboration between banks and third-party providers and the use of APIs to enable a more comprehensive integration between partners.

FX-MM: ICICI Bank partners with Saxo to offer investments outside India

February 2017

ICICI Bank, India's leading integrated financial services firm, will partner with Saxo Bank to offer Saxo's trading and investment capabilities via a digital platform to Indian investors. The partnership will enable ICICI Securities' four million clients to diversify their investments outside of the Indian domestic market and access multi-asset investment opportunities via SaxoTraderGO.

LeapRate: Saxo Bank and Nasdaq Commodities partner to offer Nordic power products on SaxoTraderGO

February 2017

Nasdaq Commodities and Saxo Bank have announced a collaboration to offer small and medium sized companies (SME) in the Nordic region direct access to Nordic Power futures on Saxo’s fully integrated trading and risk management platform. With the addition of Nasdaq Nordic power products on SaxoTraderGO, clients can hedge their energy and currency exposure with low barriers to entry.

FinanceFeeds: Prime brokerage scaremongering: Cliff-hangers are not new, but hedge fund pretenders are

February 2017

Saxo Bank’s Head of FX Prime Brokerage, Peter Plester, said: “If a client was to develop the tools required to be able to provide effective aggregated liquidity internally, there would be a lot of cost and resources and the client would spend a lot of time talking to several liquidity providers. By outsourcing to us, we save them time and money.”

FX-MM: Primed for the future

January 2017

Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage at Saxo Bank, explains how technology is enabling prime of prime brokers to fill the credit gap in the FX market. “We are one of the few PoP brokers that by default don’t put our own prices in that stream because we don’t want to be conflicted with our clients,” he says. “Our interests are aligned with our clients rather than against them.”

FX-MM: The future of prime broking

January 2017

Peter Plester, Saxo’s Head of FX Prime Brokerage, joins a roundtable of leading industry experts to examine the state of play in prime brokerage.

e-Forex Magazine: APIs – the key to unlocking the real power of electronic FX

January 2017

APIs are playing a key role in today’s electronic FX market and demand for API services is on the rise. Lucien Lauerman, head of API Business at Saxo Bank, sees the solutions of the future as very client led, and adds “We are making sure that we can offer clients a range of connectivity via API infrastructures they chose, and make sure that we support them across major trading centres.”

WealthBriefing: APIs, Algorithms and Big Data – A New Digital Experience in Wealth Management?

December 2016

Chris Truce, Director of OpenAPI Development at Saxo Bank, looks at the ways in which APIs, big data and algorithms are shaping wealth management today and in the future.

Computerworld UK: How Saxo Bank used open APIs to transform its business model and develop a ground-breaking trading platform

December 2016

Saxo Bank CTO Michel André outlines Saxo’s journey using open APIs to create a new operating model and the next generation platform, SaxoTraderGO.

FX Week: Saxo: true direct market access eliminates conflict of interest

December 2016

Saxo Bank won Best FX Prime-of-Prime House at the 2016 FX Week Best Bank Awards. “Our interests are completely aligned with our clients’ interest and therefore our aim is to get them the best possible execution,” commented Peter Plester, head of FX prime brokerage at Saxo Bank.

LeapRate: Saxo Bank expands in China with Phoenix Finance partnership

December 2016

The White Label partnership will enable Phoenix Finance to integrate Saxo’s investment and trading capabilities directly into their own applications and systems and enhance their offering to clients.

Banking Technology: APIs: open for business

November 2016

Chris Truce, Director of Platform Development at Saxo Bank, discusses how Open APIs will change the financial industry and give mid-tier banks the opportunity, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Finance Magnates: Saxo Bank announces new MENA focused partnership with EFG Hermes

November 2016

Saxo Bank has partnered with Egyptian investment bank EFG Hermes. The strategic partnership will deliver to clients of EFG Hermes access to Saxo Bank’s SaxoTraderGO platform via EFG Hermes’ new online trading platform, EFG Hermes One.

finews.com Interview: Kim Fournais

November 2016

Banking is about to undergo sweeping cultural and structural change, Saxo Bank CEO Kim Fournais told finews.com in an interview, and the changes will open opportunities for new players, in particular from the fledgling fintech industry.

FX-MM: Saxo boosts FX Prime Brokerage with global market access and collateral optimisation solution

November 2016

Saxo Bank has announced it is boosting its FX Prime Brokerage solution with the addition of a cross-collateralisation facility between PrimeXM sites in New York, London and Tokyo where it provides FX direct market access.

FinanceFeeds: Saxo Bank appoints Ashok Kalyanswamy as Chief Information Officer

October 2016

Saxo Bank has appointed Ashok Kalyanswamy as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a member of the Executive Team. In his new role, Mr. Kalyanswamy will be responsible for the strategic direction and operations of Saxo Bank’s global IT organisation.

HFMWeek: A New Breed of Prime Broker

October 2016

Matthew Cartwright, responsible for Saxo’s hedge fund business in APAC, discusses a new wave of innovation in the prime brokerage industry.

FinanceFeeds: How brokers can check what a REAL prime of prime is

October 2016

In this round table with Saxo Bank in London, Lucian Lauerman, Head of API Business, and Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage Sales, explain why it is important to look closely at how a prime of prime is structured and how its relationships with banks, brokers and ECNs are key to ensuring correct execution.

LeapRate: Order execution models and why that should matter to traders: Saxo Bank’s Kurt vom Scheidt speaks

October 2016

Kurt vom Scheidt, Global Head of Foreign Exchange at Saxo Bank, discusses Saxo’s new order driven execution model – and why traders should care how their broker executes their trades.

FinanceFeeds: Research: Convergence of interests in the new financial ecosystem

October 2016

Saxo Bank’s Søren Kyhl and Stig Tørnes examine how the electronic financial sector will look in the future in a very detailed research piece.

thewealthnet: Saxo Bank sets out to disrupt with bond trading platform and Morningstar partnership

September 2016

Matteo Cassina, Saxo Bank’s global head of sales, spoke to thewealthnet about Saxo’s intentions to disrupt the wealth management industry with the simultaneous launch of a new fixed income trading platform and the expansion of its model investment portfolios.

Finance Magnates: Saxo Bank to Deploy Game Changing Order Execution Model for FX and CFDs

September 2016

Saxo’s Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Kurt vom Scheidt, said: “Being able to give clients the benefit of price improvement on every trade is something that we are very proud of, along with giving clients total control and enhanced flexibility with their orders.”

Flow: Creating win-win

September 2016

Saxo Bank CEO Kim Fournais speaks to Flow, the Deutsche Bank leadership magazine, about Saxo’s success in democratising investment and trading through technology.

FinanceFeeds: Saxo Bank’s Benny Johansen: “OpenAPI in banking – Why now?”

September 2016

Saxo Bank senior executive Benny Johansen discusses the changes facing financial institutions in the new ‘experience’ economy: “We continue to believe that the best, most memorable and valued client experiences are enabled via OpenAPI’s and created in collaboration.”

LeapRate: Saxo Bank launches a complete digital trading solution for corporate and government bonds

September 2016

Commenting on the launch, Kim Fournais, CEO and co-founder of Saxo Bank, said: “Enabling our clients to trade bonds much more efficiently is an extension of our mission and history of democratising investment and trading, and leveling the playing field between institutions and retail investors when it comes to accessing financial markets.”

Banking Technology: Fintechs and banks collaborate to succeed

September 2016

Saxo Bank’s global COO, Søren Kyhl, and Stig Tørnes, Head of Business Management, explain why banks and fintech companies need to collaborate to succeed, and why that requires a change of mindset on both sides, the sooner the better.

Finance Magnates: Saxo Bank Extends Growth in MENA Region with Key Management Hires

August 2016

Saxo Bank has appointed Mario Camara as Head of Saxo Dubai, and Anwaar Ahmed as Head of Institutional Business Development MENA, to lead its next phase of growth across the Middle East.

FX-MM: Filling the prime broker credit gap

July 2016

Jeff Zorek, COO, Global Sales, Saxo Bank, explains how technology is helping financial investors overcome the challenges in today’s market, especially in a world where prime broker credit is in decline.

Banking Technology Interview: Matteo Cassina

June 2016

During MoneyConf 2016, Banking Technology spoke to Saxo’s Global Head of Sales, Matteo Cassina, about the Fintech industry, present and future.

Finance Magnates: Kim Fournais: Saxo Bank to Boost Open Bank Concept, New Platform and Partnerships

June 2016

Kim Fournais, the CEO of Saxo Bank, elaborates on the latest changes and the upcoming strategic shifts of the company.

MarketWatch: Saxo Bank Announces Landmark Partnership with Lufax

May 2016

Saxo Bank, the online multi-asset trading and investment specialist, has today announced a new white label partnership with Lufax, China's largest internet finance company. The partnership, expected to launch within the next three months, will see Lufax leverage the trading technology that underpins the award-winning SaxoTraderGO.

Industry Moves: Q&A with Saxo’s new Australia CEO

May 2016

New Head of Saxo Capital Markets Australia, Ben Smoker, on his biggest goals: “My main goal for the next 12 months is to grow our footprint in the institutional space (B2B) by seeking to facilitate and augment existing and new institutional client business models, leveraging the innovative pallet of global markets trading technology Saxo has at its disposal.”

Finance Magnates: GAIN’S Ben Smoker Joins Saxo Capital Markets as Australia CEO

May 2016

Adam Reynolds, CEO Saxo Capital Markets Asia Pacific, commented on the appointments of Ben Smoker as Australia CEO and Nik Kritikos as Head of Saxo’s institutional business in Australia: “Our main goal in the institutional space is to facilitate and grow existing partner relationships and to enhance our position as a leading Fintech innovator and enabler of new business in this dynamic market. Ben and Nik’s leadership and experience will no doubt resonate with clients and further strengthen the local institutional business, as well as our well established private client offer.”

FX-MM: Saxo appoints Jeff Zorek as COO of Global Sales as expansion gathers momentum

April 2016

Saxo Bank has appointed Jeff Zorek as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Global Sales based in London and reporting to Matteo Cassina, Global Head of Sales, Saxo Bank. Jeff will be responsible for further aligning Saxo’s business model to the evolving trading landscape by helping institutions and private investors navigate through a significant period of change and opportunity for the industry.

Markets Media: API’s ‘Silent Revolution’

April 2016

Christian Hammer, Saxo’s Head of Platforms, said: “Our strategy is built on three pillars. First, we wanted a clear consolidation of our own platforms which we moved to HTML5. Secondly we wanted our API to be available to external clients. Thirdly there is a huge opportunity to digitise the wealth management space and for robo-advisors.”

LeapRate: Saxo Bank grows China presence with Wallstreet CN and LeanWork agreements

April 2016

Saxo Bank CEO Kim Fournais said: “This unique partnership underlines the strength of Saxo’s open API which with limitless customization options will increase the power of trading technology now and in the future.”

Finance Magnates: Saxo Bank Ventures Deeper into China With New Fintech Partnership

April 2016

Saxo Bank has partnered with Wallstreet CN and LeanWork, which significantly enhances Saxo’s ability to tap into the lucrative Chinese market. The move follows up on the announcement of Saxo Bank’s launch in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone in September 2015.

Finance Magnates: Saxo Bank Continues FX Offering Reform, Introduces Tiered Leverage

April 2016

Saxo Bank’s Head of FX Sales, Neil Browning said: “Through the launch of FX tiered margining, Saxo is offering clients responsible leverage at competitive rates taking into account the available liquidity in the market.”

Finance Magnates: Ex-OANDA CEO led Offshore Bank White Labels Saxo Bank’s Platform

April 2016

Saxo Bank has announced the newest addition to its list of white label partners, Fidelity Asia Bank (Fab).

Meet Saxo Markets’ FX Prime Brokerage team

April 2016

e-Forex speaks with Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage at Saxo Markets, the Institutional Division of Saxo Bank Group.

Investment Europe: Time for tech

March 2016

"SaxoSelect is further democratising access to investment management – both from the perspective of the end user of the service – end investor – as well as the provider of the service,” said Matteo Cassina, Saxo Markets.

WatersTechnology: Towards mobility – Building more than a scaled-down desktop environment

February 2016

“Usability of mobile devices and avoiding multiple replications of the same task between web and mobile represents clear trends,” says Christian Hammer, Head of Platforms at Saxo Bank. “We have an advanced multi-asset trading engine, but our clients want the presentation layer of the platform to be as simple to operate as possible; for example, they want to have the ability to trade options on Apple, but they also want this presented to them in the simplest format possible. We spend a lot of time trying to make that user journey on mobile, tablet and web as seamless as possible.”

Euromoney: FX prime brokerage enters new era

January 2016

Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage, commented on prime brokerage at Saxo Bank: "A few years ago, clients were primarily focused on price and leverage. It was always seen as good to secure the maximum amount of leverage, even for those not planning to use it. Today, those are not the most important factors for clients – the first questions they ask are about things like service and technology."

FinanceFeeds: Saxo Bank cuts trading costs by up to 50%

January 2016

Neil Browning, Senior Director & Head of FX Sales at Saxo Bank, revealed that the company has made significant changes to its pricing structure to offer institutional and retail clients a choice from their facilitator. Kurt Vom Scheidt, Executive Director, Global Head of Foreign Exchange at Saxo Bank, said: “For us it is all about promoting choice by clients. We look at this across four categories which are pricing, liquidity, trading and asset class”.

Saxo Bank takes multi-asset CFDs much further in partnership with DELTA NV

January 2016

Avantgarde and innovative methods of furthering the ethos of fintech are abound this year. Dutch energy stalwart DELTA and Saxo Markets, the institutional division of Saxo Bank, have entered into a partnership in order to tackle the energy wholesale market by connecting the physical energy world to the financial world.

Saxo Bank partners with BlackRock for 'disruptive' online portfolio service

January 2016

Saxo Bank chief executive officer Kim Fournais said that he believes the advent of low cost online investment funds will prove a major disruptive development in the asset management industry. “Access to technology, demand for transparency, and focus on performance will change the way individuals manage their savings” he said.

e-forex: What’s causing the flight to quality in FX Prime Brokerage

January 2016

“When the market goes crazy and everything is stressed, that is when you find out how good your risk controls are, and many were found to be wanting.” comments Saxo Markets’ Head of FX Prime Brokerage Peter Plester

Finance Feeds: Technological trends and OpenAPI

December 2015

“What is new with OpenAPI is that it allows a third party client, client company or application developer to not only integrate into our infrastructure, but to essentially completely rewrite the front end trading application. OpenAPI is a complement, and additional piece in the puzzle in the ways you may work with Saxo Bank”, says Benny Johansen, Head of openAPI

FinanceMagnates: SaxoTraderGO upgraded with chat, multi screen support and more

December 2015

This week Saxo announced a completely new Android app, replacing the older version that provides push notifications on trade and order confirmations. On the iOS side, the SaxoTraderGO app for iPhones and iPads now offers Touch ID login to the platform on new devices that have Touch ID capabilities.

FX-MM: Saxo Bank strengthens build-out of institutional business

November 2015

Saxo Bank presented its new White Label partnership with JSC Galt & Taggart, a wholly owned investment banking subsidiary of Bank of Georgia listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. The partnership was celebrated at an event in Tbilisi Wednesday, 25 November. Saxo Bank’s co-founder and co-CEO Lars Seier Christensen and Chief Economist, Steen Jakobsen attended the event as well.

Sell-Side Technology: Saxo hands over keys to technology toolsets with OpenAPI initiative

September 2015

Saxo Bank has opened up access to the software underpinning its trading infrastructure through the launch of its OpenAPI initiative, designed to allow clients to develop their own customized trading front-ends.

Euromoney: Saxo unveils ‘next-generation white-labelling business’

September 2015

Saxo Bank has thrown open its doors to third-party institutions and developers to use its trading infrastructure with the launch of OpenAPI, bringing multi-asset trading capabilities to institutional and retail traders. Christian Hammer, Head of Platforms, comments "Saxo has been thinking like a fintech firm for 20 years now. There has always been a focus on developing functionality through one account."

FinanceMagnates: Saxo Bank launches OpenAPI providing access to SaxoTraderGO for third parties

September 2015

Saxo Bank has just announced that it is opening access to its trading environment for third parties. With the launch of the company’s new REST (Representational State Transfer) Open API (Application Programming Interface) developers will gain access to the company’s trading infrastructure, including the newly launched SaxoTraderGO platform.

WatersTechnology: Saxo Opens Trading Infrastructure Access with OpenAPI Launch

September 2015

Saxo OpenAPI, which forms the foundation of the bank's multi-asset trading platform TraderGO, which launched in May this year, is aimed at providing partners, clients and external developers with the capability to customize individual trading systems.

Banking Technology: Saxo opens trading platform with advanced API

September 2015

Saxo Bank is to allow access to its multi-asset trading and back office infrastructure through a new open API. The API will be available to developers allowing them to build applications on Saxo Bank’s infrastructure. Institutional clients, including white label partners, will be able to integrate Saxo’s trading functionality into their own applications and systems.

Finextra: Saxo opens trading infrastructure to the API economy

September 2015

Saxo Bank is to give traders and developers access to its trading infrastructure via a new Rest-based open API, ushering in a new era of collaborative innovation. The move, which covers Saxo’s multi-asset trading and back office infrastructure, will allow its partners, clients and external developers to customise their trading experience and create new revenue streams, says the Danish bank.

LeapRate: Saxo Bank unveils OpenAPI, opens access to its infrastructure

September 2015

The release of the new REST-based API coincides with the launch of Saxo Markets, the bank’s institutional business. Multi-asset trading and investment expert Saxo Bank has an exciting announcement to make. The company is giving access to its trading infrastructure via the bank’s new REST based API called open API.

Finance Magnates: More FX Banks Increase Prime Brokerage Terms, Hurting Smaller Clients

July 2015

At Saxo Bank we had no change of the terms of client onboarding requirements and we are happy to service mid-tier clients,” says Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage at Saxo Bank.

FX Week: Saxo Bank takes the prize as Best White Label Technology Provider

July 2015

A decade ago, most firms would have regarded using third-party technology as unnecessary, but lessons learnt from ambitious yet subsequently disappointing in-house builds and a squeeze on resources has turned the trend around" says Matteo Cassina, Global Head of Sales, Products and Platforms at Saxo Bank.

Leaprate: The future is mobile, finds Saxo UK investment survey

June 2015


We are at a tipping point of a digital wealth management revolution that will find most retail and private banks unprepared, says Matteo Cassina.

Euromoney: Swiss peg debacle leads to cull in FX prime brokerage

June 2015

Peter Plester discusses how a new generation of providers is taking the place banks leaving many smaller hedge funds in the cold and is promising to revolutionize the business.

FTSE Global Markets: Find me a prime

June 2015

Will the current climate continue to favor the various small-time prime models that have emerged in the wake of the recent PB purge? Peter Plester comments.


FX MM: FX as an asset class

June 2015

Saxo’s Neil Browning participates in roundtable considering FX’s place as an asset class in its own right, the increased interest in currencies from investors traditionally active in other financial markets, and whether the industry should welcome regulatory reform.

LeapRate: Saxo sees pickup in prime brokerage demand as big banks shun smaller funds

June 2015

“This shake-up will probably mean that the growth of FX in general as a market is going to slow down” – says Saxo prime broking chief Peter Plester

Vanilla option trading – when and why to add it as a trading product

May 2015

Saxo discusses how FX options can be beneficial to all

Waters Technology: Winner of ‘best outsourcing provider to the sell side’ award 2015

April 2015

Read interview with Matteo Cassina discussion how banks are at a crossroads when it comes to their innovation strategy.

E-forex: FX Brokerage operations

April, 2015

Peter Plester comments on what is happening to the building blocks of FX Prime Brokerage.

FX Week: Saxo’s Fournais sees major paradigm shift in PB and retail

March, 2015

Saxo’s co-founder Kim Fournais shares his views on the paradigm shift in prime brokerage and retail sectors as market participants adjust their business models in the wake of losses suffered after the Swiss franc event.

FX Week: Prime of prime prevails despite SNB move

February, 2015

Peter Plester discusses how credit provision to buy-side clients has seen a substantial shift as regulatory requirements and years of price wars among providers resulted in several large PB banks exiting the space.

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