Nordic Power

A single environment to execute and manage risks of the Nordic power markets

SaxoTraderGO gives you direct market access to NASDAQ Commodities Nordic Power Products to hedge your company’s energy and currency exposure.

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Industry trends

Electricity prices are volatile and represent a highly variable cost for many companies with a real underlying business activity, if left unhedged. Yet many businesses hedge their risk based on pricing provided by a single dealer and without access to historical prices at reasonable costs.

Consequently, risk mitigation techniques and position management are performed based on assumptions rather than on real market insight.

The lack of transparency and direct market access to hedge electricity price fluctuations results in higher costs, often passed on end-clients. On top of that, real-time energy prices are scarce and only available for professional energy traders.

Saxo’s response

For over two decades, our sole focus has been on delivering a seamless trading experience and leveraging our technological prowess to develop and improve our clients’ trading experience. Our clients can trade the global markets from a single dashboard and have a clear view of their overall portfolio exposure across all asset classes in real-time

As a bank offering fully integrated multi-asset trading and risk management, we are proud of expanding our product offering with Nasdaq Nordic Power Products. With Saxo, clients get exposure to a deeply liquid product at the most established power market in Europe to hedge their energy and currency exposure, with low barriers to entry.

How to trade Nordic Power Products

Key features

Nordic Power Products

  • Direct market access to NASDAQ Commodities Nordic Power Products
  • Ability to define real-time price notification alerts when price targets are met
  • OTC and exchange-traded products in one account

Manage risk in real-time

  • Monitor overall portfolio exposure in one dashboard
  • Online position-keeping and account management
  • Integrated portfolio management tools
  • Transparent intraday pricing and historic charting functionality

Control costs

  • Reduce cost drag to improve investment performance
  • Precise execution, low commissions and competitive terms
  • No minimum monthly fee or minimum AUM require¬ments
  • No additional third party technology costs

Fully integrated front to back solution

  • Embedded account management and activity logs
  • Access to historic account statements

Applying for a Corporate Account is simple.

Just fill out the application within the link below and submit it together with a few additional verification documents. Learn more about the required documentation below.

Corporate Account Form

Click the link below to open the application form as a PDF. Fill out the form and send or email it to us with the required documentation listed below. Send both your application and documentation to:

Corporate Application Form

Along with the above mentioned form you will need to submit additional required documentation to submit your application for review. See what documents we require:

  • Transcript from local Commerce or Certificate of Incorporation
  • Signed Articles of Association
  • Documentation on who can sign on behalf of the corporate entity (authorised signatories)
  • Official Proof of Identity for all authorized signatories
  • Official Proof of identity and Proof of Residential Address for all Beneficial Owners
  • Supporting documentation of the ownership structure
  • US Tax Certificate

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