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Ad hoc Notification, Saxo Bank
26 March 2018

Introducing SaxoTraderPRO

We’re pleased to announce that the release of SaxoTraderPRO to Saxo’s direct clients and IBs with self-trading clients (non-POA) has begun.Catering to active...

We’re pleased to announce that the release of SaxoTraderPRO to Saxo’s direct clients and IBs with self-trading clients (non-POA) has begun.

Catering to active traders and institutional clients, SaxoTraderPRO is set to replace the current SaxoTrader platform, while SaxoTraderGO will continue to be the preferred choice for most traders and investors, delivering a fast and simple trading experience across devices.

Find out more about the key functions and benefits of SaxoTraderPRO here.

Launch timing

Self-trading IBs and IB end-clients will be introduced to SaxoTraderPRO in phases.

After launching to UK and Nordic clients on 4 April 2018, we will roll out to other markets as follows:

  • 11 April: APAC
  • 18-19 April: Switzerland and Germany
  • 25 April: Middle East
  • 15 May: CEE
  • 23 May: France

Communication to end-clients

To support you in communicating to your end-clients, SaxoTrader PRO launch material is available on the institutional marketing portal

We encourage you to use the launch email to communicate to your end-clients on the launch date of your country (as per the above schedule), and use the marketing campaign to create your own materials in the following weeks. We will not inform your IB end-clients about the launch of SaxoTraderPRO.

Read our launch email to our direct retail clients here (for use on country launch date only).

Other communication material such as a pre-launch message, a press release example and a blog article by our Head of Platform, is available through a downloadable communication package in the portal.

The marketing material in the portal also contains:

  • Promo video
  • Intro guide
  • Installation guides for Mac and Windows
  • Event or office material such as roll ups
  • Imagery
  • Saxo’s own campaign brief
  • Two creative routes
  • Inspiration for your landing page and digital campaign flow

What happens to your demo flows

We will amend the links in your demo flows to include SaxoTraderPRO. The process will start on 4 April and be completed by mid-June. If you have any questions about this please contact Institutional Project Management.

Co-branded SaxoTraderGO

Following the launch to direct clients, we will start developing functionality allowing co-branded Introducing Brokers with their own URLs to brand and customise SaxoTraderPRO.

We will be in touch to develop individual launch plans and go-live dates.

The co-branded IB rollout planning is expected to commence in Q3 2018.