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    A fully digitised value chain
    with global connectivity
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Saxo offers a fully digitised value chain with global connectivity. We give you online access to trade over 5000 liquid bonds, while offline trading is available to a wide selection of 33,000 government and corporate bonds from developed and emerging markets.

Saxo’s mission is to democratize trading and make markets more efficient through innovation. Our digital bond trading solution eliminates manual processes across the full value chain, and enables each client to connect to global bond markets directly. Orders are routed directly to an optimised dealer auction among the 40 largest bond liquidity providers.

Spread compression

Saxo’s bond robotics prioritise each bond’s liquidity and executes within seconds.

  • Live indicative composite pricing from most relevant dealers
  • Best price optimisation from multi-dealer RFQ to most relevant dealers
  • Advanced decision via robotics for optimal execution focusing on price and speed


In an increasingly complex reporting and compliance environment, Saxo’s fully digitised and transparent value chain helps clients meet regulatory requirements.

  • True agency style trading
  • Open ended architecture
  • Full STP trail for pre-and post-trading queries and integration

Connectivity and automated decision making

Full STP to the global bond market and digitalisation of the full front- to back value chain eliminates manual processes.

  • Automatic order routing to network of global liquidity providers
  • No-touch flows help clients reduce resource time and costs
  • Trade execution within seconds

Online access to trade 5,000+ liquid bonds

With digital access to higher-yield bond markets, our institutional clients can improve fixed income investment performance.

  • Government and corporate bonds in developed and emerging markets
  • Full universe of 33,000 bonds available offline
  • Bonds in 20 different currencies

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Trading Conditions

Custody Fee

The custody fee is charged quarterly (using the closing price on the last trading day of each quarter), or on exit from the Bond position where the client will be subject to the fraction of the quarterly fee for which they have held the Bond.

Bond as Margin Collateral

Saxo allows collateral invested in Bonds to be used for Margin Trading activities (Forex, CFDs, Futures and Contract Options trading). The percentage of the collateral that can be used for Margin Trading depends on the rating of the Bond:


Margin Collateral

Highest Rating


Very High Quality


High Quality


Lower rated Bonds are not accepted as collateral for margin trading.