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    Technology driven FX clearing and liquidity services to DMA liquidity pools and ECN's.
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Prime Brokerage services for credit intermediation & clearing.

Financial consultancy for liquidity optimisation services.

Technology services for aggregation.

Key features

Connectivity infrastructures

Saxo manages risk on a pre-trade basis via low latency pre-trade controls and offers clients a real-time position monitoring and account management back-office platform

  • Low latency, co-located connectivity to bank and non-bank feeds through PrimeXM in NY4, LD4, TY3
  • Co-located connectivity to bank and non-bank feeds and FX ECNs and venues in NY4, TY3 and LD4 via low latency infrastructures from:


Saxo DMA pricing - Choose instrument to explore market depth

Post-trade services and back-office

  • A ‘one account’ experience to execute, manage risk and cross margin
  • Real-time position keeping and account management
  • Suite of STP solutions and account management APIs

Strong liquidity offering

Saxo provides direct market access to a wide range of bank and non-bank liquidity providers and ECNs.

Barclays Y Y Y
BNP Paribas Y Y N
CCM Alpha Y Y N
Citadel Securities Y Y Y
Citibank Y Y Y
Commerz Bank Y Y Y
Credit Suisse Y Y Y
Deutsche Bank Y Y Y
Goldman Sachs Y Y Y - Metals only
GTS Securities Y Y N
HC Tech (Henning Carey) N Y N
JP Morgan Y Y Y
Jump Trading Y Y N
Morgan Stanley Y Y Y
Nomura Y Y Y
Solid Invest Y Y N
Standard Chartered Y Y Y
State Street Y Y Y
Sun Trading N Y N
Virtu Financial Y Y Y
XTX Markets Y Y Y
Venue/ECN LD4 NY4 TY3
Currenex Y Y N
Fastmatch Y Y N
Hotspot Y Y N
Gain GTX Y Y N
FX All Y Y N
Reuters Spot Matching Y Y N

Saxo Prime in the Press

FXWeek: AWARDS Best prime-of-prime house: Saxo Bank

November 2017

"I would say one of the big themes over the past 12 months has been a normalisation of FXPB," says Lucian Lauerman, global head of electronic distribution at Saxo Bank, which has been voted Best Prime-of-Prime House at the 2017 FX Week Best Banks Awards. "We have seen a return in client appetite from a few FXPBs and a few entrants in the FXPB space. And, importantly, three- and four-way agreements are becoming more straightforward again," Lauerman says

FinanceFeeds: Prime brokerage scaremongering: Cliff-hangers are not new, but hedge fund pretenders are

February 2017

Saxo Bank’s Head of FX Prime Brokerage, Peter Plester, said: “If a client was to develop the tools required to be able to provide effective aggregated liquidity internally, there would be a lot of cost and resources and the client would spend a lot of time talking to several liquidity providers. By outsourcing to us, we save them time and money.”

FX-MM: Primed for the future

January 2017

Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage at Saxo Bank, explains how technology is enabling prime of prime brokers to fill the credit gap in the FX market. “We are one of the few PoP brokers that by default don’t put our own prices in that stream because we don’t want to be conflicted with our clients,” he says. “Our interests are aligned with our clients rather than against them.”

FX-MM: The future of prime broking

January 2017

Peter Plester, Saxo’s Head of FX Prime Brokerage, joins a roundtable of leading industry experts to examine the state of play in prime brokerage.

FX Week: Saxo: true direct market access eliminates conflict of interest

December 2016

Saxo Bank won Best FX Prime-of-Prime House at the 2016 FX Week Best Bank Awards. “Our interests are completely aligned with our clients’ interest and therefore our aim is to get them the best possible execution,” commented Peter Plester, head of FX prime brokerage at Saxo Bank.

FX-MM: Saxo boosts FX Prime Brokerage with global market access and collateral optimisation solution

November 2016

Saxo Bank has announced it is boosting its FX Prime Brokerage solution with the addition of a cross-collateralisation facility between PrimeXM sites in New York, London and Tokyo where it provides FX direct market access.

Meet Saxo Markets’ FX Prime Brokerage team

April 2016

e-Forex speaks with Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage at Saxo Markets, the Institutional Division of Saxo Bank Group.

Euromoney: FX prime brokerage enters new era

January 2016

Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage, commented on prime brokerage at Saxo Bank: "A few years ago, clients were primarily focused on price and leverage. It was always seen as good to secure the maximum amount of leverage, even for those not planning to use it. Today, those are not the most important factors for clients – the first questions they ask are about things like service and technology."

What our trading partners say


UBS and Saxo have had a trusted partnership for over a decade. Being one of the most transparent eClients, the relationship has developed based upon openness, mutual understanding and respect for each other’s business models. The extensive provision and use of MIS ensures mutually beneficial liquidity quality and hence the longevity and quality of our relationship.

Christopher Purves
Global Head of FX E-Trading

Morgan Stanley

Saxo is a key partner for Morgan Stanley. Our long-term partnership is built on a foundation of proactive liquidity management, facilitated by comprehensive, high quality data – a core input into the decision making process around price delivery.

Guy Hopkins
Executive Director, Fixed Income & Commodities
Morgan Stanley

Saxo’s response

Saxo Markets is filling the significant gap for FX PB services, and many FX PB clients have moved to Saxo.

Our strong focus on technology means that, unlike traditional prime brokers, we can service the middle tier of the market in a viable way.

Saxo’s FX PB solution offers what mid-tier institutional clients are looking for in their FX prime brokers: access to liquidity through aggregated feeds, via ECNs or bank and non-bank pools, with a comprehensive back-office solution.

We offer the similar core service as traditional prime brokers, with supplementary value-adding features.

Award-winning technology

Saxo has won multiple industry awards for our White Label solutions and execution, liquidity and clearing services.


Other Saxo Markets solutions

Banks & brokers

Banks & brokers

Saxo enables banks and brokers to expand their trading offering for their clients, and ultimately improve operating results through specialised outsourcing strategies.

Private banks

Private banks

Saxo supports private banks to innovate through trading technology. Saxo offers a suite of trading solutions that can be leveraged internally for trading and advisory teams, or offered directly to digitally savvy private clients.

Private banks

Fund managers

Saxo offers fund managers direct markets access to global markets, from a single account in real time. Saxo serves hedge funds, alternative UCITs and traditional mutual fund managers.

Private banks

Professional traders and money managers

Saxo offers Professional Traders and Money Managers direct access to global markets, from a single account in real-time.


Saxo Bank Group facts:

  • Founded 1992
  • 1600+ employees
  • $600m equity capital
  • $15bn customer deposits

The trust and security of working with a licensed bank

As FinTech evolves, success is increasingly about choices in technology and innovation – where to build, where to buy and whom to partner with based on their strengths.

Saxo Markets is the institutional division of Saxo Bank Group. Saxo Bank Group operates under a strong regulatory framework with significant geographic reach.

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